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More than a thermal scope: review of InfiRay DL13

The InfiRay DV DL13 is an innovative line of compact thermal imaging monoculars . These pocket-sized devices are excellent when trying to observe cryptic species or when surveying in dark or foggy conditions. The InfiRay DL13 uses a 384 x 288 thermal sensor to detect and night vision devices this process is not determinant on light conditions and the scope can be used in bright exposure as well as at night. The thermal sensor has a dramatically reduced pixel pitch of 17µm, which results in images with smoother edges, more detailed thermal mapping and an improved ability to detect objects compared to an equivalent sized sensor with a 20µm pixel pitch. InfiRay DV series features fast germanium 13mm with 0.85x native magnification manual focus and up to 4x digital zoom, instant start up, 5 color palette modes including popular "Black Hot" and "White Hot". Features such as instant start up means you can quickly use the device when necessary. The InfiRay DL13 is designe

Your Rifle's mate: InfiRay Clip M series CML25

Clip on capability is super handy, especially if you hot swap your scope between different rifles. Given the flexibility of the platform, a clip-on model is the perfect thermal scope for a hunting rifle, since it gives you the ability to quickly change out your sighting system. If you're on the market for a clip-on thermal scope, the InfiRay Clip M series CML25 is the way to go. If you check the lens quality, you'll be happy to find that InfiRay used a germanium lens in the CML25 that's fully multi-coated for absolute infrared light transmission. The raw infrared signature is detected using an InfiRay thermal camera , which delivers best-in-class thermal detection. The heat signature is drawn in a 384x288 detector array, and displayed on a high-resolution 1024x768 AMOLED screen. Additionally, the CML25 offers 4 different color modes to maximize performance in whatever environment you're in. In short, you're getting the top-notch performance

An High Level Option Of Thermal Rifle Scope: InfiRay Rico Series

Full-featured and high-quality optics is what InfiRay does, and they nailed it with the Rico series. This RH50 model from the InifRay Outdoor Research & Development Division is one of the best of their line. Brilliant precision, detailed reticles, and digital technology spells out expensive. Its price is higher than InfiRay other models. But among other similar models in the market, it worth the title as best superior scopes when comparing prices. Advantages : 12 µm sensor Ultraclear Mode expandable laser rangefinder Overlength detection range Replaceable Battery Pack Mounting this series scope will add just around 2 lbs of weight to your weapons system but no surprise there – thermals aren't lightweight optics. For those of you who are, it has a 50 mm Germanium objective lens with a replaceable, highly-transmissive IR window to protect it. The thermal scope's optical magnification is 2.8x, and you also have 4x E-Zoom to get a closer look with maximum 11.2x. It's also i

Saim Series, the best choice in its price level

Review of InfiRay Saim SCT35 InfiRay comes up a lot in the thermal scopes conversation because their gear is popular and receives positive reviews. The Saim SCT35 by InfiRay indicates strong trends: the reliable thermal camera, clear image quality and solid build quality. First up: let's have a look at its lens quality. Saim SCT35 equipped with a germanium lens that's fully multi-coated with an infrared-transmitting coating. The raw infrared light that reaches the sensor is as pure as possible, and generates a very clean image. Next: electronic image quality. The camera produces 384x288 resolution heat map from sensor, that's displayed on a 1280x960 LCOS screen, so you get a great image that you can work with, and will hold up to years of use. Both size of sensor resolution and display screen are top ranked among thermal scopes alike. The display can be set to one of 4 color modes to help with target acquisition in different environments. There are also four levels of cont

Review of InfiRay new series: Finder

First actual test of the revolutionary InfiRay Finder line of thermal monocular : under review, the top of the line Finder FH25R model, featuring the highest performance from a 640x512 resolution sensor running at 50hz with 1.5x native magnification. Today, we test the top of the line, highest performing model, the InfiRay FH25R. The FH25R uses a state of the vanadium pentoxide microbolometer sensor with native resolution of 640x512 pixels and a much smaller 12 µm pixel pitch; the sensibility of the sensor is stated at < 40 mK, yields excellent sensibility. Thanks to the smaller die size compared to previous 17 µm sensors, a much higher crop factor is possible; using a 25mm focal length objective lens, the FH25R features 6x magnification. The full color LCOS display features 1280 x 960 resolution, which is also the resolution at which the internal video recorder saves images and videos. The first impact with InfiRay FH25R is extremely positive: it feels

User Experience of InfiRay HOLO Series

A Brief Review of InfiRay Thermal Scope HL13 My buddies have other brand products that I've used, both 384 and 640 units and I'm quite familiar with their qualities and quirks as a comparison. I purchased this immediately after Christmas and I've had this in the field 3-4 times now and it's awesome!   Rock solid mount, never freezes (knock on wood) and the battery life with CR123 batteries has been STELLAR. It takes a while to get used to the auto-nuc feature, but I like it. You can also select manual calibration while you want to. Consider with the tiny model size, this scope done well in detecting thermal target for mid to long distance. Recently I've been able to positively ID hogs at 500 yards, which beats my friend's 384 unit all over the place.   All functions are intuitive and easy to use, even though there are basically only two buttons to manipulate its menu. You can simply find major functions via pushing and pressing one button. Some unique fu