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Efficiency thermal solution: FH25R together with TL35

  Efficiency thermal solution: FH25R together with TL35 It made hunters excited when they stared with thermal hunting, whether using handheld spotters or mounting them on their guns. These more professionally formed thermal units allow hunters to see clearly and straight what they can’t before, that’s the biggest advantage. It will be a game changer to inspire your gear on the hunting trips. If you haven’t thermal imaging products before, you can begin first with a thermal imager . On the markets there are many options for entry-level thermal imager. But for economic reason and it’s easily operating feature I recommend the following mode that I thought should be counted into the high-level thermal list. The palm-sized FH25R thermal monocular has many features that can apply during our operations. The high rate detection range and precise imaging quality as well ergonomic user-interface let FH25R draws more and more hunters’ notice, perfect mate for hunting journey. Brief but critical

MH25: excellent mate accompanies you on the journey

  MH25: excellent mate accompanies you on the journey Look no further, MH25 is the absolute best   helmet-mountable thermal imager available. MH25 provides a miniaturized solution for applications demanding small size, low power and low cost, especially for hunters who value the advantages of compact, helmet-mountable thermal monocular. Lightweight aircraft-grade magnesium alloy housing builds his ruggedness and remarkably compact size ensures that it can be concealed in the pocket. It also can be mounted easily on helmets due to its mini rail features. No doubt it is an all-weather perfect partner for outdoor trips. Various options for Battery   Rechargeable battery types like 16340 and 16650 battery can be applied to the battery system of MH25, 16340 battery supplies a runtime of 1.5 hours and 16650 battery for 3 hours. There is a battery tube extender included in the package case which you can easily set the longer 16650 battery into the cell. Nearby the battery room it has a USB-C

Serial blog of MH25: the most clear thermal Imaging

Before we release this module on the market, we have figure out the layout and put our expectations on it. It can not only be designed to utilize as handheld thermal imager or easy-mounted on various devices for multiple applications, but also definitely features with outstanding capability in heat signature detection and thermal imaging with maximally improved clarity in the low-contrast light condition.  Show a picture collected by our fans, the image clarity you can intuitive look and feel:   After looking through the picture we make a brief list of the imaging related parameters about MH25: •advanced performance 12um Vox ceramic thermal core • NETD≤50mk (Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference) •50 HZ high frame rate •1280x960 HD micron display •1.0-8.0 electronic magnification •17.5°x14° proper FOV (field of view) for operator Best configuration for thermal imaging MH25 carries the newest Micro III generation self-developed thermal imaging core. It meets with standard SWaP for th

RICO-RH50: Thermal Core with 640x512 Resolution

  RICO-RH50: Thermal Core with 640x512 Resolution How much do you know about your thermal core? Thermal core parameters consist of one of the important key features in thermal devices, which have determined performance estimation applying to all thermal imaging units, including detection capability, NETD measurement and imaging processing ability aimed at moving targets.etc. Thermal core specs are typically expressed with pixel pitch “um” and core resolution, which denotes technological superiority or excellent performance behind the sensor, and supplies estimation standard whether the detector is better in targets detection and imaging process. Rico RH50 from Xinfrared offers technological updates and improvements on the basic foundation of RICO RL42, especially making innovation in thermal sensor to provide world-leading imaging processing advantages. A little brief comparison for those of who want to look between RL45 with RH50 lists as following: Key featur

Ace in the Mini Family: Full-Featured MH25 Thermal Scope

  Ace in the Mini Family: Full-Featured MH25 Thermal Scope In the world of night vision trip thermal devices have became indispensable for those explorers or adventurers. Under the effort of thermal structural designers we successfully allow these units to be held in hand, installed on the weapon and wearable for our head or helmet. But today we will make a presentation for the new all-round thermal, which features multiple purposes including all application above with extremely high performance, and that is MH25 in the Mini family of IRay. Operating as a pocket-size handheld thermal , mounting on the weapon or helmet as a powerful thermal sight, MH25 is designed for the most demanding thermal night vision applications, featuring plethora of options to achieve the highest image resolution and perfect recognition of objects. Feature description of the MH25 lists as below: •245g lightweight unit with compact tiny size •Friendly user operating interface •Advanced 12

A Brief Introduction for Rico RH50

  A Brief Introduction for Rico RH50 The first impression of RH50 was pretty pricy, but who will label this faultless thermal device cheap? RH50 definitely worth it and speak for himself. This is a thermal riflescope designed to effortlessly mount on rifle or bolt gun, qualified image output with strong thermal detection, which enlarge your movement of area in the low light condition. IPX67 degree protection ensures non-stop operation rain or shine. Perfect shape and alloying housing make it smoothly to touch. Rugged construction and performance make it capable long to serve. Rico RH50 provide a updating and improvement in the basement of RICO RL42, the basic feature related Rl42 as following: •12um thermal sensor with 384x288 core resolution •NETD≤50Mk with 50 frame rate •4-16 magnification for long range shot •1024x768 AMOLED high HD display •6 hours no-stop operation •32 built-in Memory, enough for pictures and video needs •Special Ultral-clear mode and PIP(pictur

Handheld Thermal Eye II series version 2.0

  Handheld Thermal Eye II series version 2.0 Have you check your battery before leaving? Thermal monocular devices have technologically two charging methods: micro USB charging with built-in Battery, detachable rechargeable battery. Each one finds his ways, but for most handheld thermal they apply built-in battery with following reasons: • increasing compactness • recharging convenience(via USB cable) • protection and maintenance of inside construction Otherwise the USB charging button inside the thermal usually embedded with rubber cup to prevent moisture into the devices, which contributes to extend thermals working life. As in most cases you bring your thermal units into wild, you will often encounter inclement weather and the humidity is relatively high, so built-in battery also can protect your power system at the highest level, and ensure that your normal operation can’t trouble by electricity failure suddenly. Besides types of battery we also tend to f

Eye II series: Handheld Outdoor Thermal Monocular

  Eye II series: Handheld Outdoor Thermal Monocular What we saving budget for a thermal Monocular is hoping that they will be a game-changer when the light condition is low or there is no better way to observe with our eyes. The Eye II series have all things good considered and have four models in series: E3Plus, E3Max, E6+, E6pro, all these are powerful as well cost-effective. Each comes with similar functional design pertaining to tiny classification for expectation with all customers.: all supply two standard sensor resolutions with same pixel size 17um thermal core: 384×288 and 640x512, three focusable objective lens options: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, more specs check in the product detail page. Eye II series: items of interest User-friendly ergonomic design The Eye II series come in rubberized finish and design ergonomically which makes it easy to handle in the field. It is light and weighs around 1 pound. The size and shape make it easy for one-hand operation