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InfiRay Products Show: The most compact 12um-Sensor embedded Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series

  If you are looking for the lightest and most compact clip-on thermal imager or thermal imaging attachment, then you’ve come to the right place. The Clip T series CTP 13 of InfiRay Outdoor can be counted into one of the lightest and most compact thermal imaging attachments on the market, 77mm x52mm x46mm of dimension and only 140g of lightweight have given enough proof of it. More importantly, it is with a 12um thermal sensor.   12um thermal sensor The tiny size of thermal imaging attachment Clip T series provides chances to reduce burden weight when these clip-on thermal mounted on your rifle scope with your shooting equipment together. But with effective 12um thermal imaging sensor the total value of purchase will be enhanced immensely. Thermal pixel pitch like 12um are more compatible and reasonable with smaller thermal lens , the purchase budget differentiation caused by lens size can’t be ignored. Another fact is 12um thermal sensors are widely adopted on outdoor thermals

InfiRay Tips: How much do you know InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode?

Have you ever got lower quality thermal images or received thermal images with the following issues under inclement weather conditions such as rain, fog or other worse weathers?  a)        Bad image quality in sharpness and clarity b)       Lack of details and levels on thermal imaging c)        Difficulties to recognize with human’s eye This picture was produced when the test environment was thick fog The reasons why we received lower thermal imaging quality when using thermal under those weathers or conditions may root in aspects: Small temperature difference, high humidity, more density of the medium in the air than average or normal days, etc. These negative factors caused by worse weathers require more to thermals featuring with higher performance, ensuring thermal imaging with better clarity  InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode Regarding the issues and also because providing users with clear thermals is also the unremitting pursue of InfiRay Outdoor , we have developed “ Ultra clear

Discover: How InfiRay Outdoor Realize “Clear” Imaging?

Whether you are new-coming thermal goers or loyal pro staff for thermal, having thermal imagers or devices featuring “Ultra clear” imaging will provide not only possibilities of object basic objects recognition, but also clearest thermal imaging with richer details and higher contrast levels. InfiRay Outdoor always puts the image quality to priority, so how does it realize “Ultra clear”, let’s discover! a)   Top-notch and self-developed high-performance thermal sensors The heat energy alone can’t form directly imaging on the display, they need converting process becoming electronic signals supported by thermal sensors. InfiRay has world-leading thermal sensor technology and has adopted high-performance uncooled vanadium oxide thermal sensors on thermal outdoor products. These thermal sensors from InfiRay will result in higher thermal sensitivity, higher detail recognition capability and less limitation for the using conditions, creating higher quality thermal imaging with enhanced