InfiRay Products Show: The most compact 12um-Sensor embedded Thermal Imaging Attachment Clip T Series


If you are looking for the lightest and most compact clip-on thermal imager or thermal imaging attachment, then you’ve come to the right place. The Clip T series CTP 13 of InfiRay Outdoor can be counted into one of the lightest and most compact thermal imaging attachments on the market, 77mm x52mm x46mm of dimension and only 140g of lightweight have given enough proof of it. More importantly, it is with a 12um thermal sensor. 

12um thermal sensor

The tiny size of thermal imaging attachment Clip T series provides chances to reduce burden weight when these clip-on thermal mounted on your rifle scope with your shooting equipment together. But with effective 12um thermal imaging sensor the total value of purchase will be enhanced immensely. Thermal pixel pitch like 12um are more compatible and reasonable with smaller thermal lens, the purchase budget differentiation caused by lens size can’t be ignored. Another fact is 12um thermal sensors are widely adopted on outdoor thermals in latest recent years. InfiRay outdoor has found its place on thermal sensor technology, because it has built a mature R&D systemResearch and Developmentdedicated on thermal sensors and invested a large number of resources in thermal sensor Tec innovation. While 17μm is still the mainstream of the thermal imaging sensors, InfiRay’s well-developed 12μm technology has been widely used.

Other advantages brought by 12um thermal sensor technology:

1)         Low power consumption

2)         Detection range up to 675m(most compact thermal) 

Function-Image movement 

Why we need calibration or zeroing for our sights, especially when we need to use thermal attachment to convert our rifle scopes into thermal night vision scopes for thermal hunting trip, because we should keep our shooting accuracy, ensure the center position of the rifle sights consistent with our thermal attachment. Functional design involving this could be understood that you could save these calibration data with your weapon sight type into the storage after first calibration, convenience is when you need this next time, it is much simpler. The zeroing or calibration distance of thermal clip on CTP 13 is @100m, through the following Image-movement instruction you can handle this process with ease.

Manual description referred:

Quality Thermal Imaging

Though tiny size is tough to allow people to open mind imaging how we could design or develop versatile functional options into the compact construction, InfiRay Outdoor always vigorously combine their highest standard workmanship with industry-leading development innovation capabilities, contributing to providing users with quality thermal imaging featuring improved crisp details also high-level contrast between objects and background, giving chances to ensure precise targeting to hunters or users.

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