InfiRay Tips: How much do you know InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode?

Have you ever got lower quality thermal images or received thermal images with the following issues under inclement weather conditions such as rain, fog or other worse weathers? 

a)       Bad image quality in sharpness and clarity

b)      Lack of details and levels on thermal imaging

c)       Difficulties to recognize with human’s eye

This picture was produced when the test environment was thick fog

The reasons why we received lower thermal imaging quality when using thermal under those weathers or conditions may root in aspects: Small temperature difference, high humidity, more density of the medium in the air than average or normal days, etc. These negative factors caused by worse weathers require more to thermals featuring with higher performance, ensuring thermal imaging with better clarity 

InfiRay“Ultra clear” Mode

Regarding the issues and also because providing users with clear thermals is also the unremitting pursue of InfiRay Outdoor, we have developed “Ultra clearmode in our products line: Rico, EYE II V2.0, Saim, Tube and Clip C models. By enhancing the NETD value of thermal sensor embedded in the devices, we can improve the sensor’s response rate to the changing temperature difference happening around the environments. 

When you active the “Ultra clear” mode in InfiRay’s  thermal devices under the adverse surroundings, you will receive improved thermal imaging with better clarity and details than before, contrast diagram: the left was taken in the sick fog without activation of “Ultra clear” mode, the right was taken with the “Ultra clear” mode opened.

Obviously, we can distinguish the difference and quality between the thermal images formed under the two different situations, clearly one looks blurry, the other looks crisp through our necked eye. So what can the Ultra clear mode of InfiRay Outdoor models realize for us when we what to continue our hunting trips or outdoor activities in the bad weathers:

a)         Better clarity on imaging, more crisp and sharp images

b)        Richer detailedness and levels of imaging

c)         Improved recognition of observed targets

Simple instruction for operating 

InfiRay Outdoor provides not only industry-leading thermal technology and solutions, but also contributes ourselves into giving designs, allowing users to handle or operate our thermals in the simplest ways. Therefore, we will also interpret to your:  how we can simply activate “Ultra clear” mode on the InfiRay’s devices (Taking E6+ V2.0 as an example):

Step1: Activate the main menu system on your InfiRay thermal device.

Step2: Turn on the EYE icon (symbolizing the “Ultra clear” mode), the function will be activated

In two steps, you can reach the “Ultra clear” Mode, enjoy the thermal superiority that InfiRay Outdoor brings you, received the improved imaging quality with better clarity. So don’t forget to activate the “Ultra clear” Mode in your thermal device from InfiRay Outdoor!


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